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Having practiced for over fifty (50) years in injury law, I with my associates, have been fortunate to get excellent results for my injured clients. I have had all the basics in life for a long time, and it gives me great pleasure to now be able to give all my earnings to numerous charities. These charities cover the map - leprosy, homeless animals (in fact, I was responsible for building a no kill shelter for dogs and cats that has been running for many years), starving children all over the world, numerous armed services, medical research centers, etc.

If you have a charity that needs help, I can assure you I will add it to my list of charities when I receive my fee from your injury matter. I am usually involved in serious injury cases, thus I have more monies to help the unfortunate.

Experienced Phoenix And Mesa, AZ Area Personal Injury Lawyers And Accident Attorneys

An accident can be a terrifying experience and can result in serious harm, property damage, and emotional trauma. But with a compassionate Arizona personal injury lawyer on your side in Mesa, AZ or Phoenix, AZ, you’ll be secure knowing that your rights are protected.

Best Personal Injury Attorneys in Mesa We’ll help by interviewing the individuals involved in your accident and identifying any possible negligence or malpractice. We’ll negotiate with the insurance companies involved to help cover your medical expenses. And if it becomes necessary to pursue a lawsuit, we’ll provide the advocacy you need to see your case through to a favorable decision. If you’ve missed work, we’ll help you get reimbursed for missed hours. In the case of a disabling injury, we may be able to secure long-term benefits.

Phoenix, AZ area personal injury attorney Ray Arenofsky understands how devastating…

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