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A Lawyer is Your Ally in Combat vs. the Insurance Companies

In most large injury matters the lawyer has numerous approaches to develop the case. An experienced attorney from Day One must know what the battle is. As the case matures an experienced lawyer knows how to be flexible in his or her approach. As the lawyer gets deeper into an injury case, that person finds the facts that can benefit or worsen the value of your case—in other words, the strengths and weaknesses.

You must realize your opponent (the attorney representing the insurance company) tries to weaken your case or defeat you. Your attorney should keep you advised of the changes in your case. You deserve this ongoing communication.

An experienced attorney will find every source of insurance available. The value of your case depends on many variables such as how much insurance is available to fund your injuries; the extent of your injuries such as the need for future operations and other treatments, permanent disability, the amount of your medical bills, and your employment ability; the degree of fault that you and the other party contributed to the accident; and many other factors.

The key is that your lawyer should keep you apprised of the development of your case. You would be surprised by the numerous matters that have to be developed in an injury case to increase the value. If your attorney isn’t maximizing your case, then he or she is not doing his/her job.

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