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Accidental Death

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An accidental death, also known as a wrongful death, can be devastating for family members. The accidental loss of a loved one leaves a huge void which cannot be filled. Luckily, a wrongful death lawyer can help you get the compensation you deserve. A wrongful death attorney knows all the laws that apply to injury cases that cause accidental death of the victim. For assistance in Mesa, AZ, Phoenix, AZ, or anywhere in Arizona for a wrongful death case, contact attorney Ray Arenofsky at (480) 345-0444 today!

Examples of accidental deaths or wrongful death cases include:

  • Motor vehicle accidents. The leading cause of accidental deaths in the United States, motor vehicle accidents include mechanically or electrically powered vehicles.
  • Falls. Each year there are approximately 13,000 deaths from falls.
  • Poisoning. This category consists of 2 subcategories: Poisoning by gases and vapors (ie. carbon monoxide poisoning) and poisoning by solids and liquids (i.e. drugs and medications).
  • Drowning. This category excludes drownings that occur as a result of natural disasters.
  • Fire-related injuries. This includes burns, asphyxiation, and deaths that occur from falling objects during a fire.
  • Suffocation. This includes choking on food or ingesting an object that blocks the air passage.
  • Firearms. This does not include people who are killed in combat or individuals who commit suicide using a firearm.
  • Industrial accidents. This can include explosions, equipment malfunctions, mining accidents, and any other work-related deaths.
  • Other accidents: This includes medical complications resulting from mistakes made by medical professionals (e.g. surgery), air transport injury, machine interactions, mechanical suffocation, and the impact from a falling object.

If a loved one has been in an accident causing wrongful death or an accidental death in Mesa, AZ, or Phoenix, AZ, contact a wrongful death lawyer right away. Attorney Ray Arenofsky has been representing clients in accidental death cases all over Arizona. Call (480) 345-0444 for an initial consultation.

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