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An Injury Lawyer Must Have Good Resources for Good Results

Some of these resources are:

  1. A knowledgeable and seasoned private investigator to gather the facts while they are fresh. I had an injury case in which my investigator found an independent witness who was not listed on the police report. This independent witness transformed a major case with problems into a multi-million-dollar case.
  2. Access to top medical specialists to treat the numerous kinds of injuries involved in a major injury case.
  3. Good back-up resources such as secretaries, paralegals, ad associate lawyers. The lead lawyer can then delegate assignments to these people to strengthen the case.
  4. Good technology to get what is needed and help get the work finished quickly and with consummate expertise.
  5. Access to other specialists to shape the case. An example would be a good reconstruction expert to recreate how the accident happened and who was at fault. An example would be who was at fault at a signal light—did someone run a red light? Did someone push the amber? Having a good reconstructionist determine that your badly injured plaintiff was not at fault makes a difficult situation into a good case.
  6. A lawyer that has good injury law knowledge and can proceed with a well-organized trial when needed in the few cases that do not settle (after 50 years of practice I have approximated that only about 3 percent of cases do not settle).

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