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What should an injured party really want and need from a lawyer?

Somebody has been in a horrible accident with bad injuries, and the accident was caused by another person. What should the injured party really want and need from the lawyer? Start by selecting an attorney with vast experience in numerous accident matters and who gets good results. Select someone with expertise in trial work. This is important because of the possibility that your case may require a trial (approximately 3 percent of injury matters go to trial). Your lawyer should have a solid reputation with other lawyers and insurance adjusters. He should know what the client suffered and will suffer… Read More

What it is like to practice injury law for fifty years and keep going

1. I never tire of helping people that have been in a serious accident. There are so many things I can do for them when they are in severe distress. Even when they caused the auto accident. I can give advice and I can give them help to ease their misery during my free consultation. 2. For many years I have been able to give all my revenue to needy charities, ie. people with leprosy; homeless people and animals; U.S. veterans; starving people and children all over the world; help fight many illnesses like cancer; etc. What my wife and… Read More

Do Not Sit On Your Accident Injury Case

As an experienced injury lawyer, I have had victims of accidents call me 20 months after the accident, 4 months short of the legal deadline to file a lawsuit. This makes it very difficult to manage the case in such short period of time. There was so much that I could have done to properly build the case if I had represented them from the beginning of the matter. Practically everything in injury law 101 has either not been done, or was done in a damaging way. Many times 50% or more of your case has gone down the drain.… Read More

Why You Need a Top Recovery Lawyer When You Are Injured in an Accident

Some of the reasons you need a top recovery attorney when you are badly injured in an accident are: 1. You will have large medical bills and continuing bills. 2. You will lose significant time and monies from work. 3. You may not be able to work again. This is a horrible result. 4. Any significant people in your life may suffer severely, because of you loss in earnings. Divorce, relationships broken, children suffering for the basic’s of life, etc. 5. Your credit gets shot and you might wind up in bankruptcy. 6. The stress of the mess could cause… Read More

Slip & Fall Injury Cases

If you slip and get hurt you do not necessarily have a good legal matter. You have to be hurt because of the fall, and you have to prove the defendant had notice and time to fix a faulty condition that caused you to fall. An example of a good legal case is that you are invited to a restaurant and you park your car in the lot of the restaurant. There is a hole in the parking lot and lighting is poor. You get out of your vehicle and fall into the hole that the restaurant knew about, and… Read More

Recovering from a serious accident injury

If you know somebody who has been hurt badly in a serious accident, and needs a top monetary recovery to get through this dilemma, Ray Arenofsky, injury lawyer of fifty (50) years is the lawyer to handle your case. Here are some characteristics of Ray Arenofsky that will make the journey to getting well and getting the monies a lot easier. Ray will get your matter started from day one (1) so he and his numerous resources can build your case properly. Ray is at a stage in his career, where he can give all his earnings to needy charities.… Read More

Dog Bite Injuries

A common accident that can cause horrible injuries, are dog bite situations. In in my fifty (50) year of law practice, have handled many nasty dog bite situations. There is no one (1) free bite allowed to the dog owners as a defense arguing the dog never bit anybody before. As long as the victim did not abuse the dog that bit them, the owner is responsible for injuries caused by an attacking dog. The award for the victim is based on the extent of the injuries, medical bills, any injury that is permanent and sightly. Also has the attack… Read More

Insurance Companies and Fair Verdicts

I am an injury lawyer of 50 years. I know all about the insurance companies exaggerated recoveries they state injured parties receive from juries. Accident attorneys call them “Dummy Verdicts.” The insurance companies get huge play from the McDonald’s spilled coffee verdict – An 80 year old woman spills coffee on herself and gets $4,000,000.00. This poor woman was scalded by 180 degree coffee and received third (3rd ) degree burns. After numerous surgeries and years of court appeals, the woman received a few dollars and large medical bills. The lawyer after fighting McDonald’s for years on this case, probably… Read More

My Connection as an Injury Lawyer

My connection as an injury lawyer and a person that tries to help homeless dogs and cats runs deeply. I have always had a passion to help people and animals that are down on their luck. Seriously injured people that suffer because of accidents need help in numerous areas – medical care, money problems, family problems, employment crisis, psychiatric issues, transportation dilemma, in house help, assistance with their children, etc. Homeless animals or other abandoned pets do not last long on the streets. They need food, a shelter, a foster family, medical attention, etc. I have been very lucky because… Read More

Common mistakes made by injury lawyers that will hurt your case when you have been seriously injured in an accident.

The following are common mistakes made by injury lawyers that will hurt your case when you have been seriously injured in an accident. They do not find the time, or are too busy, with all kinds of cases distracting them from making your case a great one. In effect they pulled the cake out of the oven before it has baked and well developed, which takes attention devoted to your matter. They are not aware of all the injuries suffered, how you will agonize in the future, not spent the time to meet with you several times, taken the time… Read More

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