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Confusion In Picking A Law Firm

A badly injured party needs kindness, attention, knowledge, and the best monetary results based on the facts of your accident. Just ride on Route 60 west towards Phoenix, and you are bombarded by tons of lawyers promising everything you could wish for. Confused who to pick? I will promise you this: From day one after you retain my law firm, you will get whatever attention you need. You will have my cell and home phone numbers. Anything you are legally entitled to, because of being the victim of an accident, as based on the facts of the case, I will… Read More

What is Comparative Negligence in Arizona?

When you are in a two-automobile accident, either you, or the other driver, or both of you caused the accident. If you are hit in the rear of your automobile, when stopped at a light, the other party that rear ended you is 100% at fault. You collect 100% of your damages. If the situation is an accident at signal, controlled intersection and you are 20% at fault and the other driver is 80% at fault you collect 80% of your damages. In some states, if you are 51% or more at fault you collect nothing. Arizona gives a recovery… Read More

Serious Injury Cases Can Be very Difficult or Even Impossible to Handle Without an Experienced Injury Lawyer!

In my fifty years of practicing injury law, I will give a few of the hundreds of areas where people make mistakes: You will not outsmart or get the full value of your injury case, if you are facing a good and experienced insurance agent and/or insurance company lawyers. There are many deadlines that have to be met. If you miss them your matter will die. Usually a case is as good as there is insurance to fund all your injuries. A seasoned injury lawyer knows where to look for these insurance policies. An insurance company and/or its lawyers will… Read More

Keep Your Life Simple After a Serious Accident – HIRE RAY ARENOFSKY

What do you really have to do with Ray at your side? 1. Practically nothing, but get better with the right doctors. 2. One telephone call by you, a friend, or relative to discuss the case with Ray. 3. One in person meeting, at your house or hospital if you are incapacitated. Normally we would meet at the law office. 4. Do not discuss your case with anyone other than Ray and his staff, and the few people you can completely trust. 5. Give the doctor all your complaints. It is what is written in the medical records that counts.… Read More

Where Does Monies Come From to Pay Your Settlement In a Heavy Injury Case?

You have been rear ended by another automobile and injured badly. The other automobile is the only cause of the accident. Sources of getting paid for all your losses and physical and mental injuries (the case is worth $1,000,000). A. What is the insurance coverage of the car that hit you? Unfortunately a large percentage of drivers have no insurance coverage, or a minimum of $15,000 per person. Once in a while the vehicle that hit you is commercially used for business, and has adequate insurance to pay you. Example would be an Exxon truck. B. You should always carry… Read More

Things You Can Do to Increase the Value of Your Case

Do not discuss your case with anyone except your lawyer. I have gotten cases where my injured client gave the insurance adjuster and insurance lawyer statements that damaged their cases. One example is when my client had serious injuries, and physical limitations, but they made light of their physical limitations and inability to work. When you go to their own treating doctor, give this doctor all of the injuries you have suffered. It is what is in the medical records that counts, not what you tell your lawyer. The injured parties have no uninsured or underinsured coverage on themselves. This… Read More

What should an injured party really want and need from a lawyer?

Somebody has been in a horrible accident with bad injuries, and the accident was caused by another person. What should the injured party really want and need from the lawyer? Start by selecting an attorney with vast experience in numerous accident matters and who gets good results. Select someone with expertise in trial work. This is important because of the possibility that your case may require a trial (approximately 3 percent of injury matters go to trial). Your lawyer should have a solid reputation with other lawyers and insurance adjusters. He should know what the client suffered and will suffer… Read More

What it is like to practice injury law for fifty years and keep going

1. I never tire of helping people that have been in a serious accident. There are so many things I can do for them when they are in severe distress. Even when they caused the auto accident. I can give advice and I can give them help to ease their misery during my free consultation. 2. For many years I have been able to give all my revenue to needy charities, ie. people with leprosy; homeless people and animals; U.S. veterans; starving people and children all over the world; help fight many illnesses like cancer; etc. What my wife and… Read More

Do Not Sit On Your Accident Injury Case

As an experienced injury lawyer, I have had victims of accidents call me 20 months after the accident, 4 months short of the legal deadline to file a lawsuit. This makes it very difficult to manage the case in such short period of time. There was so much that I could have done to properly build the case if I had represented them from the beginning of the matter. Practically everything in injury law 101 has either not been done, or was done in a damaging way. Many times 50% or more of your case has gone down the drain.… Read More

Why You Need a Top Recovery Lawyer When You Are Injured in an Accident

Some of the reasons you need a top recovery attorney when you are badly injured in an accident are: 1. You will have large medical bills and continuing bills. 2. You will lose significant time and monies from work. 3. You may not be able to work again. This is a horrible result. 4. Any significant people in your life may suffer severely, because of you loss in earnings. Divorce, relationships broken, children suffering for the basic’s of life, etc. 5. Your credit gets shot and you might wind up in bankruptcy. 6. The stress of the mess could cause… Read More

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