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Recovering from a serious accident injury

If you know somebody who has been hurt badly in a serious accident, and needs a top monetary recovery to get through this dilemma, Ray Arenofsky, injury lawyer of fifty (50) years is the lawyer to handle your case. Here are some characteristics of Ray Arenofsky that will make the journey to getting well and getting the monies a lot easier. Ray will get your matter started from day one (1) so he and his numerous resources can build your case properly. Ray is at a stage in his career, where he can give all his earnings to needy charities.… Read More

Dog Bite Injuries

A common accident that can cause horrible injuries, are dog bite situations. In in my fifty (50) year of law practice, have handled many nasty dog bite situations. There is no one (1) free bite allowed to the dog owners as a defense arguing the dog never bit anybody before. As long as the victim did not abuse the dog that bit them, the owner is responsible for injuries caused by an attacking dog. The award for the victim is based on the extent of the injuries, medical bills, any injury that is permanent and sightly. Also has the attack… Read More

Insurance Companies and Fair Verdicts

I am an injury lawyer of 50 years. I know all about the insurance companies exaggerated recoveries they state injured parties receive from juries. Accident attorneys call them “Dummy Verdicts.” The insurance companies get huge play from the McDonald’s spilled coffee verdict – An 80 year old woman spills coffee on herself and gets $4,000,000.00. This poor woman was scalded by 180 degree coffee and received third (3rd ) degree burns. After numerous surgeries and years of court appeals, the woman received a few dollars and large medical bills. The lawyer after fighting McDonald’s for years on this case, probably… Read More

My Connection as an Injury Lawyer

My connection as an injury lawyer and a person that tries to help homeless dogs and cats runs deeply. I have always had a passion to help people and animals that are down on their luck. Seriously injured people that suffer because of accidents need help in numerous areas – medical care, money problems, family problems, employment crisis, psychiatric issues, transportation dilemma, in house help, assistance with their children, etc. Homeless animals or other abandoned pets do not last long on the streets. They need food, a shelter, a foster family, medical attention, etc. I have been very lucky because… Read More

Common mistakes made by injury lawyers that will hurt your case when you have been seriously injured in an accident.

The following are common mistakes made by injury lawyers that will hurt your case when you have been seriously injured in an accident. They do not find the time, or are too busy, with all kinds of cases distracting them from making your case a great one. In effect they pulled the cake out of the oven before it has baked and well developed, which takes attention devoted to your matter. They are not aware of all the injuries suffered, how you will agonize in the future, not spent the time to meet with you several times, taken the time… Read More

What damages can I suffer if I retain a lawyer to represent me after a serious injury

What damages can I suffer if I retain a lawyer to represent me after I have been seriously injured in an accident? The first thing is to pick a very good and experienced personal injury attorney to represent you. The attorney must be selective in picking his or her cases. Many injury matters are not cases, or they are weak cases. Taking one of these bad cases will be a long futile journey ending in a loss or a recovery that does not match the time and expenses invested in the case. If your experienced lawyer decides that your serious… Read More

What Essential Elements you Need from a Personal Injury Lawyer

When you are seriously injured in an automobile accident or other accident, you have entered the mysterious world that is the domain of the personal injury lawyer. Non-injury lawyers often misunderstand the components of this domain, so be sure to contact an injury attorney. Whenever you have severe damage to your body, such as broken bones, scarring, or the need for shoulder, knee, ankle or hip surgery, your lawyer will put in many hours recovering insurance monies to settle the accident case and cover the cost of healing all your injuries. Insurance company lawyers will do whatever they can to… Read More

What Characteristics Make Me a Very Good Injury Lawyer

You do not want to get an average injury attorney when you have been badly hurt. You need a top attorney to get you through your mess of an accident. My personal characteristics will get you top results: I have been practicing 50 years and have the experience you need. I personally get on the phone from the start of the case and answer your questions and give you the information that you will need to understand your matter. My sense of compassion allows me to alleviate a lot of false worries that you have been entertaining. Also, if you… Read More

A Lawyer is Your Ally in Combat vs. the Insurance Companies

In most large injury matters the lawyer has numerous approaches to develop the case. An experienced attorney from Day One must know what the battle is. As the case matures an experienced lawyer knows how to be flexible in his or her approach. As the lawyer gets deeper into an injury case, that person finds the facts that can benefit or worsen the value of your case—in other words, the strengths and weaknesses. You must realize your opponent (the attorney representing the insurance company) tries to weaken your case or defeat you. Your attorney should keep you advised of the… Read More

An Injury Lawyer Must Have Good Resources for Good Results

Some of these resources are: A knowledgeable and seasoned private investigator to gather the facts while they are fresh. I had an injury case in which my investigator found an independent witness who was not listed on the police report. This independent witness transformed a major case with problems into a multi-million-dollar case. Access to top medical specialists to treat the numerous kinds of injuries involved in a major injury case. Good back-up resources such as secretaries, paralegals, ad associate lawyers. The lead lawyer can then delegate assignments to these people to strengthen the case. Good technology to get what… Read More

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