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You Have Been In An Accident, What Do You Do About Transportation?

You have been in an automobile accident caused by another driver. Your car has been damaged and needs to be repaired. What do you do for transportation? If you have rental insurance, you can use that. Otherwise, you can rent a car, and the at-fault driver insurance company is responsible for a reasonable rental bill. Sometimes they will immediately agree to provide a rental vehicle. Other times you have to rent it yourself then seek reimbursement at the time of settlement. A good injury attorney will make sure it gets paid.

Do You Trust The Insurance Company’s Body Shop?

You have been in an automobile accident and your car is damaged. The wreck was caused by the other driver, and his insurance company agrees to pay for repairs. What body shop do you go to? It would be wise to go to an independent and honest shop that is not on an insurance Company’s recommended listed shops. A shop on their list wants to repeat business from the insurance company and might not give you the right parts, or might purposely ignore some damage. A truly independent body shop will operate in your best interests, not the insurance Company’s.… Read More

What Do I Do About My Vehicle After An Accident?

When an automobile (truck, motorcycle) accident happens due to someone else fault, there is damage to your vehicle. When trying to get your vehicle fixed or replaced, you will have a lot of issues. Some of these issues include whom to contact for compensation of your injuries. Other times, you’ll wonder if you should contact your insurance provider. This is where a Mesa, AZ Property Damage Lawyer can be of assistance. I will discuss the various problems involved with the property damage in this blog and future ones. One issue is Should I have my car fixed or totaled? When… Read More

A Serious Injury Accident Can Foul Up Your Life Big Time

A serious injury accident can foul-up your life big time. Just dealing with harsh injuries, loss of your job, or vehicle puts a real damper on your life. The stress is there full-time. Let a good injury lawyer, with his or her staff of personal employees, take care of all the hassle so you can focus on getting better. You will need doctors, a replacement car, home assistance, help with daily incoming medical and daily expenses. An experienced law firm knows the answers to these issues. Get a good injury lawyer so you can focus on getting better. Raymond F.… Read More

If You Have Been Injured In An Accident, Never Speak To An Insurance Company Until You Speak To A Personal Injury Lawyer

If you have been injured in an accident, never speak to an insurance company until you speak to a personal injury lawyer. It does not matter if it is your own insurance company or that of the person that caused the accident. Accident law has its minefields. You will inevitably say the wrong thing, say too much and cripple your case. You have nothing to gain by speaking to the insurance company before you speak to a good accident lawyer. Of course your policy may required you to eventually speak to your own insurance company but you should still speak… Read More

Insurance Company Verdict Propaganda

I am an injury lawyer of 50 years. I know all about the insurance companies exaggerated recoveries they state injured parties receive from juries. Accident attorneys call them Dummy Verdicts. The insurance companies get huge play from the McDonald Verdict-An 80 year old woman spills coffee on herself and gets $4,000,000.00. This poor woman was scalded by 180 degree coffee and received a few dollars. The lawyer after fighting McDonald for years on this case probably lost a million dollars in time and out of pocket expenses. When you check out your local food store, and the Globe says woman… Read More

An Attorney Long History With Accident Victims And Homeless Pets

My connection as an injury lawyer and a person that tries to help homeless dogs and cats runs deep. I have always had a passion to help people and animals that are down on their luck. Seriously injured people that suffer because of accidents need help in numerous areas; medical care, money problems, employment crisis, etc. Homeless animals (abandoned pets) do not last long on the streets. They need food, a shelter, a foster family, and medical attention. I have been very lucky because of my many years spent with helping injured clients and organizations involved in helping homeless cats… Read More

Should You Settle Your Accident Case Or Have A Jury Hear It?

Should you settle your accident case or have jury hear it? Very few cases are taken to a jury verdict. As you injury matter ripens, and the facts of it are developed, usually a point is reached where it is better to settle the matter than risk a jury verdict. Facts like the extent of your physical and emotional injuries, who caused the accident, how much insurance is available, what permanent disabilities you have, etc., will determine the value of your case. Jury verdicts research, together with an experienced lawyers knowledge, will point you to a range of value. If the offer is lousy,… Read More

What Monetary Recovery You Will Receive From Your Injuries?

So you have been in an accident and you wonder what monetary recovery you will receive from your injuries? Find a good and experienced lawyer who has handled many trials and settlement negotiations. A good attorney experience and his own research on past jury verdicts, and knowing all the injuries you received, will help the attorney to place a monetary sum on the worth of your injuries. Obviously whiplash differs from hip surgery, or a broken toe. Get the top recoveries for your physical and emotional injuries by hiring an injury lawyer as soon after the accident occurs so that the lawyer can… Read More

Hiring An Injury Lawyer

If you have been unlucky and been injured in an accident, speak to a lawyer ASAP. An experienced attorney will help you with all the problems involved in an accident matter. There might be many sad problems. It is necessary to structure your case from the very beginning to maximize your monetary recovery. Make sure you are on the right road to getting all your needed medical care even if you have no medical insurance. Your only concern will be to get better. With the right injury attorney giving you complete comfort by pursuing all the right things that need… Read More

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