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Your Left Hand Turns

LEFT HAND TURNS WHILE DRIVING: If you have checked all directions before you make that left turn, and still not certain it is safe, do not make it. In my 50 years of personal injury practice, the worst injuries I usually see is the result of a careless left turn. The injuries sustained from sloppy left turns are often brutal. Once you make a left turn, you do not get a second chance. It is easier to be safe than sorry so watch those left turns! If you are not certain of the left turn you are about to make, DON’T MAKE IT! We… Read More

Protect Yourself On Your Own Insurance In The Event Of An Accident

When you buy auto insurance make sure you protect yourself against the other guy mistakes. Sure you need liability coverage. It will protect you against any damage or injury that you might cause on the road. What if for example I hit you and I had no insurance or a minimal amount? If you sustain large injuries from another mistake, it is essential that you have a good uninsured motorist coverage on your own auto policy (UM=Uninsured Motorist coverage and UIM=Underinsured Motorist coverage). Please protect yourself and not just the other guy. Raymond F. Arenofsky Knollmiller & Arenofsky, LLP

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