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Burns and Cosmetic Injuries

Burn Injury Attorney in Mesa, Arizona

Burns are among the most painful and complicated injuries. They affect more than the skin. Nerves, blood vessels, muscle and bone are impacted, too. They can also affect body temperature, immune health, physical appearance and psychological well-being. The causes of burns can be categorized as:

  • Radiation
  • Thermal
  • Inhalation
  • Electrical
  • Chemical
  • Friction
  • Surgical
  • Cosmetic

All burn injury cases, whether caused due to an electric burn or a cosmetic injury, will require the services of a burn injury attorney. Burn injury attorneys understand the complexities involved in burn cases, such as those involving an electrical burn, a chemical burn, cosmetic burn, or burns caused due to friction. Personal Injury attorney Raymond Arenofsky has been representing clients in all kinds of injury cases all over Arizona for several decades. He has represented numerous clients in Mesa, AZ and Phoenix, AZ over the years. Give him a call at (480) 345-0444 for an initial consultation and discuss your case.

Ray Arenofsky - Attorney At Law

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