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Accident victims suffer from physical damage and financial losses. According to the Arizona Department of Transportation, in 2013 alone, the statewide economic losses due to car accidents was $2.9 billion. Arizona Maricopa County accounts for the highest economic losses in the state. Car accidents cost Maricopa county almost $1.7 billion in lost wages, lost productivity, medical expenses, property damage, and administrative costs.

It is a sad truth that many victims and their families cannot bear these expenses on their own. If you're injured in a car accident in Mesa, AZ or anywhere in the entire Maricopa county area, you can sue the at-fault parties for negligent driving and claim the compensation you deserve. In Arizona, victims can also claim for punitive damages with the help of an auto accident lawyer.

The skilled lawyers at Ray Arenofsky Attorney At Law are knowledgeable about the local laws and review all the relevant facts of your case and determine a reasonable amount as compensation. We've been serving and protecting the accident victims in Arizona for over 50 years. If you or a loved one has suffered an incident in Mesa, AZ or Phoenix, AZ, contact our law firm for a FREE consultation.

Is It Worth to Claim a Compensation for Accident?

We understand that many accident victims want to know whether their case is worth it or not. Arizona laws allow victims to recover damages from the at-fault party up to the percentage of responsibility attributed to the other party. Dealing an auto accident case is a complex procedure, and only a qualified accident attorney will be able to review police reports, the circumstances leading up to the accident, and interview witnesses to get first-hand accounts of driver behavior and actions.

In case a victim suffers permanent disability or disfigurement due to a car accident, he or she will be liable to collect more compensation than a person who suffered a broken bone. Sometimes, even fractures can cause discomfort, suffering, anxiety, and temporary disabilities, and only a skilled car accident attorney can determine the proper value for the victim's pain and suffering.

Punitive damages are damages assessed to punish the negligent party for their actions. An auto injury lawyer has to prove that the at-fault party intended to cause injury, acted out of ill-will, driving recklessly, or driving under the influence of alcohol. Get in touch with our experienced personal injury lawyer today.

Assured Compensation for Motorcycle Accident Victims

Arizona reported that in 2013 alone, there were over 3,000 motorcycle accident crashes in the state, most of which resulted in serious injuries. In most instances, the motorcyclists were alert, not under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and were following the rules and taking every precaution to keep himself or herself safe. Recently there's a spike in the number of motorcycle accidents due to reckless driving or DUI. The victims of these accidents have to suffer due to lost wages and expensive medical bills.

The experienced motorcycle accident attorneys at Ray Arenofsky Attorney At Law understand the challenges faced by victims and families of motorcycle accidents. We stand by our clients and help them get compensation for their injuries and ensure that careless drivers are brought to justice. Ray Arenofsky has represented clients all over Arizona in all kinds of motorcycle accidents and car accident cases.

Injuries Sustained by Accident Victims

According to reports, bone fractures, chest, and abdominal injuries were the most common motorcycle injuries sustained by the victims. All these injuries come with a heavy price tag. While some individuals have health insurance, many others have to pay these bills out of pocket. For middle-class Americans, a $50,000 hospital bill would account for a year worth of pay or more. Our lawyers review your medical history, determine the extent of your injuries, and ensure that the responsible parties pay for your medical bills.

Other common injuries include internal injuries, traumatic brain injury, and paralysis, which require extensive and expensive medical treatment. Internal bleeding can kill a victim within minutes or hours, if not treated on time. Traumatic brain injury can lead to life-long impairment. Some long-term symptoms of mild traumatic brain injury include:

  • Depression
  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Issues with vision
  • Fatique
  • Sleeping difficulties
  • Memory issues
  • Mood changes
  • Anxiety

If you're suffering from a mild traumatic injury as a result of an accident, Our attorneys will ensure that you receive proper medical treatment for the full extent of your injuries. We'll fight for the reimbursement of your medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

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