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Client Testimonials

“Ray Arenofsky is not only a good friend but a superior lawyer who I can recommend without hesitation. As a zoning and land use attorney, I am not familiar with the intricacies, complications and landmines involved with personal injury matters. That’s why I refer our clients to Ray Arenosky, who have all been more than pleased with the service they receive and the monetary recoveries have exceeded their expectations. In addition, Ray’s calming and reassuring bedside manner has been a great comfort to many dealing with personal, traumatic life events. Heaven forbid such an injury ever occur, to anyone, but when it does, I know I can count on Ray to help.”

Reese A.

“I want to thank you for your awesome expertise in advising my customer on his accident case. When he dealt with you and your office he was always made comfortable. He feels that he has nothing to worry about, other than getting better. He stated you would obtain good doctors for him if he needed them. Like all the injury-accident clients I have sent you over the years, it is great to get a thank you from them for the legal services you have provided them on their injury cases.”

Barry N.

“My wife and I have sent Ray Arenofsky several cases over the years. He is very professional and the results are very good.

Whenever my wife and I see an unfortunate accident/injury matter we try to help these people by referring them to Ray Arenofsky. He speaks to each and everyone personally. If it is a case he gets to working on it right away and always remains available to his clients, even if they have to call him at home. If he feels it isn’t a case he gives them advise and always wishes them the best.

Ray is the attorney you want if you have an accident case.”

Brad S.

“Ray Arenofsky really helped me out when I was hit by a car while riding my electrical bike to work. I was scared and didn’t know where to tum. Ray was such a help to me. I was bruised, in an arm cast and having to navigate my world without any transportation. Thru Ray’s aid I had to get therapy to help me heal. My normal 20-mile day commute from my foster home to EVIT then to work (about 20 miles M-F) at the animal hospital was no longer easy. Along came Ray Arenofsky who changed my world. Through many letters, phone calls and threats to the insurance company, Ray helped me fight the insurance company, and in the end after first being rejected (because I was a foster child and not a biological child the insurance company said I was not covered) Ray was able to get a very good settlement to help me continue my life goals. Without Ray’s assistance, I would be in debt taking UBER.”

Nicholas H.

“I have known Ray Arenofsky for a few years now. There is no one else that I would go to or send my personal injury referrals to. With Ray’s 40 + years of experience, that knowledge is invaluable. He is articulate, honest, and works hard for you. He always makes sure that I get the information that I or my injury referrals need. You cannot go wrong with Ray Arenofsky.”

Stacy K.

“I have known Ray Arenofsky for over 25 years. I have had personal and professional experience with him, have recommended others to him, and have never been disappointed. He is the same person whether at work or not. He is caring, kind, reliable, intelligent, and has the ability to put a person at ease. When I refer an injury client to him, I do so with the confidence that the person will be better off after the process; that Ray will help in whatever way he can and follow through until the job is done. I very much appreciate someone I can trust, as a person, as a lawyer, and as my primary connection to the legal profession.”

Alan H.

“Ray Arenofsky has represented me and members of my family for over 25 years. When I was seriously injured in an accident, he was relentless in moving my case forward to a good result. He was available to meet with me on evenings or weekends. Ray always returns phone calls. He and his staff not only worked on my case but assisted me extensively and finding numerous doctors.

His kindness and legal skills always make it easier for the injured person when going through a very tough time. I am always thanked by the person I referred to Ray.”

Joseph A.

“If you know someone that has had serious injuries from any kind of accident, tell them about Ray Arenofsky. He truly knows the field of accident law. The help he provides and the results he gets are the best in the industry. I highly recommend Ray Arenofsky.”

Attila J.

“I have known Ray Arenofsky for almost a decade and there is no one more well versed in Personal Injury Law than Ray’s team.”

Kenneth V.

“I’ve known Ray Arenofsky for many years and trust him to always do the right thing. He is highly experienced in his field and works very hard to help his clients through a very difficult time. He want’s us to get better first while he worries about the legal issues involved — a very comforting attitude. I highly recommend Ray and have referred several people to him who have all been thrilled with him.”

Rob H.

“Love ray, I send him a lot of clients when they are hurt by other drivers. If you were injured in a car accident Ray will take care of you anywhere in the valley, Phoenix, Tempe, Mesa, or Chandler!”

Jayson H.

“Ray Arenofsky is as good as it gets! Great guy! Genuine and very caring. If he can’t help you, he will put you in touch with the person who can!”

Amy S.

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