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Client Testimonials

“If you know someone that has had serious injuries from any kind of accident, tell them about Ray Arenofsky. He truly knows the field of accident law. The help he provides and the results he gets are the best in the industry. I highly recommend Ray Arenofsky.”

Attila J.

“I have known Ray Arenofsky for almost a decade and there is no one more well versed in Personal Injury Law than Ray’s team.”

Kenneth V.

“I’ve known Ray Arenofsky for many years and trust him to always do the right thing. He is highly experienced in his field and works very hard to help his clients through a very difficult time. He want’s us to get better first while he worries about the legal issues involved — a very comforting attitude. I highly recommend Ray and have referred several people to him who have all been thrilled with him.”

Rob H.

“Love ray, I send him a lot of clients when they are hurt by other drivers. If you were injured in a car accident Ray will take care of you anywhere in the valley, Phoenix, Tempe, Mesa, or Chandler!”

Jayson H.

“Ray Arenofsky is as good as it gets! Great guy! Genuine and very caring. If he can’t help you, he will put you in touch with the person who can!”

Amy S.

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