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Common mistakes made by injury lawyers that will hurt your case when you have been seriously injured in an accident.

The following are common mistakes made by injury lawyers that will hurt your case when you have been seriously injured in an accident.

  1. They do not find the time, or are too busy, with all kinds of cases distracting them from making your case a great one. In effect they pulled the cake out of the oven before it has baked and well developed, which takes attention devoted to your matter.
  2. They are not aware of all the injuries suffered, how you will agonize in the future, not spent the time to meet with you several times, taken the time to learn about your pain and your suffering you have gone through. They are not taking time to hunt for other injuries you received, develop them and include them in your matter.
  3. They have not studied how the family dynamics have suffered, such as loss of finances to get by, anger and hostility the injuries have caused in the functioning of the family, the large amount of time that you incurred in trying to get better, the loss of your self dignity in chastising yourself for not doing your duties for the family, etc.
  4. In effect many attorneys are trying to handle to many matters to give your case the time it needs. Often the staff members are inadequate. I promise you that myself and numerous helpers and resources will always give you the comfort attention you need and deserve. Too many lawyers try to deal with too many areas of the law. I only do personal injury matters. If you have good cause to be unhappy with your lawyer, you are always entitled to a second free opinion.
  5. It is sad when people come to me for a second opinion. I observe how little attention they have gotten, and how badly their file has been developed, how little attention it has been given. I promise you, that with over fifty (50) years of practice, and numerous resources, you will never complain about the legal service you were given.

If you have been hurt badly in an accident matter, do not allow yourself to be mangled, abused, and ignored by a lawyer that does not have your interest in mind.

Please call me for a free consultation to have all your questions and uncertainties, fear of the unknown, financial worries, disharmony in the family caused by the injuries discussed and you will be given help. When you are done speaking to me you will know what to expect. You can reach at my office number, 480-345-044, my cell number, 480-277-1481 or my home number, 480-831-9079 or by email to ray@test.azaccidentlawfirm.com. Allow yourself an easier time through a tough situation.

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