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Confusion In Picking A Law Firm

A badly injured party needs kindness, attention, knowledge, and the best monetary results based on the facts of your accident.

Just ride on Route 60 west towards Phoenix, and you are bombarded by tons of lawyers promising everything you could wish for.

Confused who to pick?

I will promise you this:

  1. From day one after you retain my law firm, you will get whatever attention you need. You will have my cell and home phone numbers.
  2. Anything you are legally entitled to, because of being the victim of an accident, as based on the facts of the case, I will obtain for you.
  3. We will do 98% of the legal work. All you have to do is get better, and I will get you to the right doctors as needed. It is very unlikely that you will ever go to court. About 3% of accidents enter the court room.
  4. Any questions about your case will be answered so you completely understand the answers.
  5. Any reasonable complaints about how the legal process is being handled by me and my resources, will be fixed so you are reasonably satisfied.
  6. I could go on for a long time, but I know what you need in a miserable accident, and I will get you what you should have.
  7. Hell, I have been practicing injury law for fifty (50) years, and could have retired years ago. I am blessed to be able to give all my earnings to charity. I also have an obsession to help the badly injured parties, so they can come out of the legal process obtaining all that they deserve to get back on their feet. It makes life easy when you keep your promises, help the less fortunate, and are not greedy for the sole purpose of accumulating monies for large toys.

Please call me at 480-345-0444, and you will get a free telephone
consultation with me and get all your questions answered. If I feel I can help you and you are satisfied, I will do my best for you. You just need to get better.

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