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Do I Have To Accept An Offer Of Settlement Made By An Insurance Company?

Some people are desperate and will accept an offer of settlement that is made by an insurance company. I used to think that it was harsh to say that insurance companies don’t care about people or the fact that they have sustained injuries, but after many years of practice, I have realized that their job is to close the file and settle for as little as possible. There may occasionally be very nice people from the defendant insurance company who ask you a million questions over the phone, but they will be recording those phone calls in order to build a case against you. A lawyer can hopefully cut down or get rid of the desperation so that you can develop the case and not just settle for the known injuries but miss other injuries.

Cases that involve serious injuries take a long time to deal with because the bills have to be collected and the level of disability has to be determined. I know of representatives from insurance companies that come in with releases and money just in an attempt to get the person to sign off. The person who signs off is not thinking about the fact that they may need money for the rest of their life. A good lawyer will do more than earn the fee on that kind of a case because they’ll keep their client alive, get them to the right doctors and develop the case. A person may settle a one million dollar case for $200,000 out of desperation. A good lawyer will take the legal elephants off of your back so that you can settle it the right way.

You’ll hear all kinds of things from the insurance company to entice you to sign, but if you really want to settle a case, at least speak to a lawyer first. The lawyer may say that your injuries are not that serious and that you may be able to get settled the case quickly, but the point is that you don’t have to sign any papers. In fact, you should not sign any papers with the other insurance company without a lawyer. Keep away from them; they are not your friends.

What Rights Do I Have As A Spouse Or A Loved One Of Someone Who Is Killed In a Truck Accident?

Many years ago, there was no recourse for the family members of a person who died in a truck accident. Then they came along with wrongful death statutes, which protected a small group of direct people, such as the children, spouse and grandparents of the person who died. Those people would be able to collect certain monies for the death of their loved one. If you were not very close with your father who died, then the recovery would be smaller. If you were a wife with three children who was dependent on her husband, then the recovery would probably be much larger. It’s a horrible thing to say, but you have to evaluate what kind of person was lost. If they were a neurosurgeon, then the wages or the income would have been high, so the loss would be great. Other factors also play a role, such as the level of closeness, dependence and whether or not there are children involved.

Why Should I Retain An Attorney Who Has Experience In Handling Trucking Accident Cases?

I honestly believe that if it’s a serious commercial truck accident, then dealing with the case without an attorney would be like trying to play chess for the first time against someone who plays chess 25 times a week. It would be like having no knowledge of automobiles and trying to fix a mechanical difficulty with a screwdriver and a hammer. It’s financial suicide because you are going to need those monies. People think that all lawyers do is get money, but I’ve had people call me 25 years after an accident and tell me that they are still living on the money from the case that I handled for them. It would be suicide to try to handle a serious case without an attorney for most commercial truck accidents.

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