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Do Not Sit On Your Accident Injury Case

As an experienced injury lawyer, I have had victims of accidents call me 20 months after the accident, 4 months short of the legal deadline to file a lawsuit. This makes it very difficult to manage the case in such short period of time.

There was so much that I could have done to properly build the case if I had represented them from the beginning of the matter. Practically everything in injury law 101 has either not been done, or was done in a damaging way. Many times 50% or more of your case has gone down the drain.

In essence, if you’ve been badly hurt in an accident, you or your representative should call me, so I can see if you have a good legal matter, answer all your questions, have you signed up, and immediately start processing the hundreds of things that have to be done by me and my associates to get you all the monies you are entitled too.

There are good matters that I have had to turn away, because there was too little time to develop a very complicated injury case.

Why do people stall in contacting a lawyer and do nothing when they have been hurt badly because of another person’s mistake? Simply put:

a. Fear of the unknown.
b. Worries about false issues.
c. Not knowing how easy the entire legal process is for the hurt person, with a good lawyer.
d. Worried about owing money to the licensed lawyer for his or her time. The lawyer only is owed monies if he or she collects money.

One call to Ray Arenofsky at 480-345-0444 and you will know exactly what to do and your false apprehensions will be gone.

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