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Dog Bite Injuries

A common accident that can cause horrible injuries, are dog bite

In in my fifty (50) year of law practice, have handled many nasty dog bite situations.

There is no one (1) free bite allowed to the dog owners as a defense
arguing the dog never bit anybody before. As long as the victim did not abuse the dog that bit them, the owner is responsible for injuries caused by an attacking dog. The award for the victim is based on the extent of the injuries, medical bills, any injury that is permanent and sightly. Also has the attack effected the injured parties future, now fears all dogs, inability to work, need
for future operations, etc.

The essence of the matter is whether the owner of the dog owned a
house with home owners insurance to fund the dog bite incident. Most people are not wealthy. They live on their paychecks. They are hard to collect from, and you could force them into bankruptcy, that could practically destroy your chances of recovery.

If you have had a dog bite incident, call me, Ray Arenofsky, for a free consultation at 480-345-0444, where you will learn what kind of legal matter you have. You may have horrendous injuries and the owner of the dog, has homeowner’s insurance, and has an umbrella provision that raises coverage to $1,000,000 or more.

I promise you three (3) things: Comfort throughout the legal process, Top 1-2% results depending on the facts of the matter and my entire fee goes to needy charities.

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