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Dog Bites

Dog Bite Lawyer in Mesa, Arizona

A dog bite is a bite inflicted upon a person, a group of persons or another animal by a dog. One or more successive bites is often considered a dog attack. The majority of dog bites do not result in injury, disfigurement, infection or permanent disability. Another type of dog bite is the ‘soft bite’ displayed by well-trained dogs, puppies and in non-aggressive play. Situations in which dog bites occur include dog fighting, mistreatment, trained dogs acting as guard or military animals, provoked or unprovoked.

Apart from dogs, other domesticated animals can also cause injuries and bites and that is when a dog bite attorney or an animal bite lawyer can be of legal assistance. The laws in Arizona give victims the right to seek financial compensation for the pain and suffering they may have suffered as a result of a dog bite or animal attack. Discuss your case with a dog bite attorney, who will get you the best settlement for the dog bite injuries that you may have suffered. Call the office of Attorney Raymond Arenofsky at (480) 345-0444 if you have suffered an animal attack or dog bite in Mesa, AZ, Phoenix, AZ or anywhere else in Arizona.

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