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How Do You Determine The Settlement Value of Your Case?

Here are some factors that accident lawyer Ray Arenofsky – who has practiced 50 years – considers in determining the value of an injury case:

  1. His own trial experience and the verdicts rendered by the juries.
  2. Numerous jury verdicts in similar cases
  3. Settlements he got in similar cases.
  4. Discussions with other experienced lawyers.
  5. Expectations of clients—what they consider reasonable settlements.
  6. Injuries suffered by the clients as a result of the accident; the seriousness, the permanence; how they might affect the client’s ability to work.
  7. Surgeries clients had to endure as well as possible future surgeries.
  8. Client’s entire loss of wages.
  9. The extent of the client’s pain and suffering—its seriousness and permanence.
  10. Quality of life of the client and his family due to client’s injuries.

Evaluating a case is an an art and not a science. Ten different juries will give you ten different verdicts.If you or anybody you know has been in an accident, I would be happy to give them a free consultation. I will also give them a range of settlement values based on the strengths and weaknesses of the case.

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