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How Important Are Witnesses In Trucking Accident Cases?

Witnesses can make or break trucking accident cases. If there was another driver or a pedestrian who witnessed the accident and can offer a statement, then that could be the difference between having a weak case and having a strong case. A witness may have noticed certain things about the weather conditions or be able to say whether or not the truck was under control. It may also be helpful to get a statement from the truck driver. However, many times there are no witnesses to an accident, just the parties involved in the accident. It’s important to obtain statements from witnesses while their memories are fresh. It’s also very important that you have a top-notch investigator who you have worked with for years and who will obtain the necessary evidence.

How Important Are Accident Reconstructionists In Trucking Accident Cases?

Having a reconstructionist and an investigator is very important in trucking accident cases. Sometimes a reconstructionist will look into the truck and find incriminating things, such as drug paraphernalia or liquor. The insurance company that represents a truck will have their reconstructionist, and the plaintiff or the person who got hurt will have their own reconstructionist. Basically, a reconstructionist reconstructs the accident and determines what driver was at fault. As a result, it often becomes a battle between two completely different views of how the accident happened. However, you can’t change the facts, and if certain types of evidence are captured soon enough, then it could eliminate the debate.

What Is The Statute Of Limitations To File A Trucking Accident Suit In Arizona?

In Arizona, the statute of limitations to file a trucking accident suit is two years from the date of the accident. For accidents involving municipal vehicles, the statute of limitations is six months to file a Notice of Claim and one (1) year to serve a formal complaint. Statutes of limitations make lawyers nervous. They should make laypeople extremely nervous, because if you miss the time period within which you must file a complaint, then you don’t have a case. Statutes of limitations are like snakes in the grass.

Who Are All Of The Potentially Liable Parties In A Truck Accident?

The potentially liable parties in a truck accident are the drivers and passengers who were involved in the accident. In some cases, the government could be held responsible if it is indirectly tied to poor road design or defective traffic lights which caused the accident. When a lawyer handles a case involving immense damages, they have to consider all potential sources of insurance for compensation. That insurance could come from the drivers involved in the accident, a passenger who was in one of the vehicles when the accident occurred, or from a pedestrian who may have contributed to the accident. There could be a bar that overserved the driver of one of the vehicles. There could be another vehicle involved in the accident. Injury recovery and insurance are almost inseparable, and the amount of insurance that is available will usually determine whether or not you have a good case. A good lawyer is very well-versed in the language and the law on whether the insurance covers a particular accident.

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