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How Long Will It Take Me To Receive Funds If The Claim Is Settled?

It takes approximately three weeks to two months to receive funds once a claim has been settled. The law moves slowly, no matter how good the attorneys are. If the case involves an infant or it has to be court approved and the money has to be put in a trust until the child is 18 years of age, then it may take two or three months to receive the funds. This is because you have to file papers and present your case before a judge. The judge has to make sure that the settlement is reasonable and approved. When a client is in really bad shape, we do our damnedest to move as fast as we can, but sometimes the legal process gets in our way. However, we are skilled in trying to get around those obstacles.

What Qualities Should I Look For In A Personal Injury Attorney To Handle My Auto Accident Claim?

You want a lawyer who has experience. You don’t want to be the first dog bite case they’ve ever handled. You want a lawyer who has been around and has settled or tried most kinds of cases. You want a lawyer who has a reputation of being a hard worker and an empathetic person, and who has a well-run office with good staff. You want to have an attorney who is not afraid to go to the mat if you are wrestling, and who cannot settle a case. No lawyer wants to try a case that doesn’t have to be tried. Trials are long and expensive, and you can get a lower number than what is reasonable offered to you because juries are very stingy.

Most people pick their lawyers from television lawyers. You may get a good lawyer from television, but it’s usually a firm and you might not know what you are getting. The best thing is to ask around and see if one name keeps popping up. You want a lawyer who is not needlessly fearless, but is willing to take a case to trial if the offer is unreasonable. Some lawyers can be charming, but they just don’t have the necessary skills to handle your case.

Quite frankly, most lawyers are not trial lawyers. A vast majority of lawyers go to court and know how to try a case, but they don’t live in the courts. There may be a small percentage of lawyers who live and breathe trial work. I can say that I will meet that need when it is needed. Hopefully trial can be avoided, because a good settlement is always better than a trial. There was a professor in law school who used to say, “A good settlement is when the defendant is disgusted that they paid too much, and the plaintiff is disgusted that they took too little.” That may be confusing, but I can understand after many years of experience what he meant.

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