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Insurance Company Verdict Propaganda

I am an injury lawyer of 50 years. I know all about the insurance companies exaggerated recoveries they state injured parties receive from juries. Accident attorneys call them Dummy Verdicts. The insurance companies get huge play from the McDonald Verdict-An 80 year old woman spills coffee on herself and gets $4,000,000.00. This poor woman was scalded by 180 degree coffee and received a few dollars. The lawyer after fighting McDonald for years on this case probably lost a million dollars in time and out of pocket expenses.

When you check out your local food store, and the Globe says woman belly button offer center by one inch and receives three million dollars from plastic surgeon, do not believe it. If for some odd reason it happens, I can assure you that the verdict is appealed, and thrown out or downsized to some lessor sum of money.

The insurance company propaganda makes it very difficult for injured parties to receive a fair verdict. Juries buy the fake verdicts, and punish the truly injured party with unreasonably small verdicts.

Let a good injury lawyer get you past these land mines.

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