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Keep Your Life Simple After a Serious Accident – HIRE RAY ARENOFSKY

What do you really have to do with Ray at your side?

1. Practically nothing, but get better with the right doctors.

2. One telephone call by you, a friend, or relative to discuss the case with Ray.

3. One in person meeting, at your house or hospital if you are incapacitated. Normally we would meet at the law office.

4. Do not discuss your case with anyone other than Ray and his staff, and the few people you can completely trust.

5. Give the doctor all your complaints. It is what is written in the medical records that counts.

6. Hopefully before an auto accident, you purchase substantial uninsured, underinsured insurance coverage. Call Ray and he will explain how to protect yourself against any future accident with the right kind of substantial insurance. This good insurance really doesn’t cost much more than a bare bones policy bought with Progressive or Geico. Peace of mind is worth a little more in insurance premiums, than getting caught in a bad situation with lousy insurance, and losing all your financial savings.

7. Forget going to court (which is highly unlikely, especially when your case is handled by Ray Arenofsky and his resources). With very little legal involvement by you (just your treatments with your doctor(s) and getting better) you will receive:

    a) Very top results, based on all the facts of your cases.
    b) Have legal comfort from day one.
    c) Have Ray and his resources, do everything they can do to get through any financial mess caused by the accident. Please do not gamble on one of the other injury law firms. They might look good on television, on the side of a bus and on billboards. I can personally assure you, that you will learn quickly what it is to have the “gorillas lifted from your back” and obtain the monetary results, which you will need with serious injuries.

Please allow me to do the right job for you or someone else you are concerned about. At the end of the matter the “Charity” lawyer will give all his earnings to numerous and needy charities.

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