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Your Left Hand Turns


If you have checked all directions before you make that left turn, and still not certain it is safe, do not make it. In my 50 years of personal injury practice, the worst injuries I usually see is the result of a careless left turn.

The injuries sustained from sloppy left turns are often brutal. Once you make a left turn, you do not get a second chance. It is easier to be safe than sorry so watch those left turns!

If you are not certain of the left turn you are about to make, DON’T MAKE IT!

We know that Arizona left turn law can be tricky. A careless left turn can get you in severe trouble. A serious auto accident can cause serious injuries and even fatalities. If you are not sure about the local laws regarding left turn laws in Mesa, Arizona, contact a left turn law attorney or accident lawyer right away. We provide Free Consultation to our clients. Our Arizona left turn accident lawyers understand the Arizona left turn law and can help you with your problems. Call (480) 345-0444.

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