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Recovering from a serious accident injury

If you know somebody who has been hurt badly in a serious accident, and needs a top monetary recovery to get through this dilemma, Ray Arenofsky, injury lawyer of fifty (50) years is the lawyer to handle your case.

Here are some characteristics of Ray Arenofsky that will make the journey to getting well and getting the monies a lot easier.

  1. Ray will get your matter started from day one (1) so he and his numerous resources can build your case properly.
  2. Ray is at a stage in his career, where he can give all his earnings to needy charities. His compassion, kindness, and empathy will always be present for his injured clients, and his numerous charities.
  3. You will always be kept up to date about the tedious legal process. At the same time you will be shielded from it so you can get better.
  4. If you need good doctors, even if you are without any insurance, Ray will get them for you.
  5. All your losses, physical and mental injuries and other hardships will be shared with the insurance company, to empathize the seriousness of your matter.
  6. It is very unlikely that you will ever go to court. The case will be well kept up to date, so you can get a top settlement. Only about three (3)% of injury matters ever see a trial. We are well prepared to try a case if some insurance company is not offering the monies you deserve.
  7. Ray, with his years of experience, will take the legal issues off your back, and all you need to do is get well. Ray and his resources will always be available to answer all your questions and lighten your injury, financial, and emotional load.
  8. Ray will get you all the support, comfort, and top monetary results. Do not take a chance with another average law firm, when you can get the best, Ray and his team.

If you have had the misfortune to have suffered injuries in an accident case, please call Ray Arenofsky at 480-345-0444 to spend time with him. He will make a substantial amount of your worries disappear.

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