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Here's what customers are saying about Ray Arenofsky Attorney At Law!

When I was in a serious car accident, I was flown by helicopter to a Level 1 Trauma Center for a number of operations and then later transported to a rehabilitation hospital. Ray actually came to the rehabilitation hospital to guide me through the process of having the party who was at fault be responsible for my health related bills as well as paying for the damage to my car. I was very grateful for his professionalism and calming ways of explaining the process as well as his handling the paperwork because I was unable to get any information at the scene of the accident due to my injuries. After I was cut out of the car with the jaws of life, I was immediately taken by ambulance to a waiting helicopter for transport to the hospital. I was not only thankful for Ray for helping me get started with the process but for also helping me along the way until the final payments were made. He also looked into other ways for me to collect payments for my injuries besides just the “at fault” party. To this day I’m still grateful for his help and would refer anyone to him knowing they will be taken care of with compassion and the highest quality of legal professionalism.

- Dr. Rick Shaikewitz

Ray and his team are one of the most honest firms in the Valley.

- Walter Halicki

I really like what Ray A. stands for and I love that he gives back to the community, not just the people, but the animals. I too am an animal lover. We need more people like Ray in this world we live in.

- Barbara Simmons

Ray has been a great help to me in the past and was a great partner at the CBN!

- Michael Decker

Ray is the longest practicing accident lawyer I know and so seasoned that he can afford to be wise, deliberate and gentle and get it done in the best way for the client. I have such great legal respect for my colleague Ray.

- Cristi McMurdie

Honest hardworking and loyal. What else could you ask for.

- Andrew Lomas

Ray's vast knowledge and experience is second to none in Arizona.

- Daniel Rosenfield

Ray Arenofsky and his partners have decades of experience successfully representing Arizona plaintiffs in personal injury and medical malpractice cases. They are results oriented, ethical and aggressive when required and I have personally referred clients to Ray and his firm.

- Ike Devji

I have known Ray Arenofsky for close to 10 years. He has over 50 years experience specializing in personal injury law and is dedicated to getting the best results for his clients. He takes his cases on contingency so you do not have to pay him by the hour and worry about how many hours he is spending. Therefore he will only take your case if he believes in your case and that he can help you. He only gets paid if he is successful in getting you a recovery. I highly recommend Ray.

- Mark Weiss

Highly recommend this attorney and he also happens to be a nice guy which is always a plus!

- Steve Ferber

Integrity - Ray will give you an honest answer even if that means not engaging his services.

- Michelle Lauer

He truly cares.

- Joanna Janger

Ray Arenofsky has been a lawyer for more than 50 years with an impeccable reputation. I have sent several of my friends to Ray. He takes as much as time with them as they need to understand the legal system and the understanding as to what he can do to settle their case.

If the clients needs a medical referral, Ray always knows of someone to send them too. He will always follow up with them to make sure they are satisfied and have been take care of. His main goal is to get them healthy and to get best settlement he can for them. They are always relieved after working with Ray and refer him to friends and family if they need legal advice.

I would recommend Ray Arenofsky anyone that has a personal injury matter. He will get you the best resources and go the extra mile to get you the best settlement which is usually in the top 1% based on the facts of the case.

- Sandra K.

Ray is perhaps one of the most caring people I have ever met. He has a huge heart for helping people and animals. He is a huge supporter of animal adoption and care groups. One only needs to speak with Ray to feel his care and support. He is also one of the most connected attorneys in AZ. If you have a legal issue, reach out to Ray. He will either help or refer to someone that will.

- Kelly Borseth

Ray has a wealth of experience and marvelous personality, allowing him to deal with clients in a respectful and comforting manner. There are none better than Ray.

- Richard Agins

Ray has been an incredible mentor and is a very experienced mentor. He has a calming way in explaining the ins and outs of law in a language you'll understand. Arenofsky's office is a MUST VISIT!

- Vlad Madorsky

I have known Ray Arenofsky for almost 30 years. He is the first person I call when I need help or even advise, on any legal issue. He gets me the service or answers I need, or he gets me to someone who can provide those things. I trust him and recommend him without any reservation.

- Alan Handelsman

I've known Ray for years and he'll give you honest scoop of what you can and cannot expect. Plus he's a fun guy to talk with!

- Edward Fritz

Great people and great service.

- Stephen J. Anthony

Ray is an experienced, compassionate and excellent personal injury lawyer. He has been representing injured clients for many many years. I highly recommend Ray to anyone that has a claim for injuries. He knows how to get the job done!

- Stephen J. Anthony

Ray is an experienced, compassionate and excellent personal injury lawyer. He has been representing injured clients for many many years. I highly recommend Ray to anyone that has a claim for injuries. He knows how to get the job done!

- Laura B. Bramnick

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