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Serious Injury Cases Can Be very Difficult or Even Impossible to Handle Without an Experienced Injury Lawyer!

In my fifty years of practicing injury law, I will give a few of the hundreds of areas where people make mistakes:

  1. You will not outsmart or get the full value of your injury case, if you are facing a good and experienced insurance agent and/or insurance company lawyers.
  2. There are many deadlines that have to be met. If you miss them your matter will die.
  3. Usually a case is as good as there is insurance to fund all your injuries. A seasoned injury lawyer knows where to look for these insurance policies. An insurance company and/or its lawyers will not help you to find these insurance policies.
  4. With an injury lawyer at your side, no case will be settled without a signed affidavit if the defendant, stating there are no other insurance policies, plus whatever other language you need to show there are no possibilities of more insurance policies or valuable assets.
  5. A good injury lawyer will do an independent asset search of all defendants, to make sure there are no other assets that can be
  6. A seasoned lawyer knows how to develop all you loses, such as future medical conditions or operations so you can maximize
    your settlement.
  7. Just having a lawyer with a formidable trial record at your side, adds to the value of your case. You will net more monies for yourself when the legal process is ended. With a personal attorney you will not have the uncomfortable feeling of not knowing many of the valuable facts in your favor, and having doubts that the insurance agents and/or lawyers are laughing at you. Know the true value of the injuries, and losses you suffered as the victim of an accident, and what your case is really worth.

Do not play chess against master players when you are not a good player or can’t play. Please call me, Ray Arenofsky at 480-345-0444 so I can make the best moves for you, and outsmart the insurance companies and their lawyers. I will get you a top recovery that you deserve.

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