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Should You Settle Your Accident Case Or Have A Jury Hear It?

Should you settle your accident case or have jury hear it? Very few cases are taken to a jury verdict. As you injury matter ripens, and the facts of it are developed, usually a point is reached where it is better to settle the matter than risk a jury verdict.

Facts like the extent of your physical and emotional injuries, who caused the accident, how much insurance is available, what permanent disabilities you have, etc., will determine the value of your case. Jury verdicts research, together with an experienced lawyers knowledge, will point you to a range of value.

If the offer is lousy, then you have little choice but to try the matter. An old saying  a good settlement is where the injured party feels he or she received too little monies, and the Insurance company believes it paid too much. With a good accident lawyer, you hope to make the Insurance company believe it paid way to much monies.

Let a seasoned injury lawyer guide you in this area. Do not go it alone.

Raymond F. Arenofsky, Accident Injury Lawyer

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