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Slip & Fall Injury Cases

If you slip and get hurt you do not necessarily have a good legal matter. You have to be hurt because of the fall, and you have to prove the defendant had notice and time to fix a faulty condition that caused you to fall.

An example of a good legal case is that you are invited to a restaurant and you park your car in the lot of the restaurant. There is a hole in the
parking lot and lighting is poor. You get out of your vehicle and fall into the hole that the restaurant knew about, and never repaired.

A bad or non existent case is where you are shopping at a food store, you go down a food aisle and slip on a liquid causing you to fall. This in all probability would not be a case. Most large food stores sweep their aisles every half to one (1) hour. The store owner has done what is reasonable so people do not fall. A customer of the store could have dropped a banana, and the store never had a chance to clean up.

These slip and fall matters are difficult cases, because either the store did not have notice nor time to correct the condition that caused the fall. These cases are often tried and lost. These matters are “damage driven”. If you do not have a serious injury, you will spend more time and expenses to prove the case. The collection will be smaller than you spent.

I, on the other hand, have done very large and good slip and fall cases. Situations where the store was sloppy and did not keep a clean store.

The ideal legal slip and fall case is large injuries, and proof of a dangerous condition that was noticed or should have been noticed by the store, and did not do anything to correct it and protect the invited customer.

There are many variations on the facts of slip and fall cases that either make or destroy a legal case. If you have any questions on these kinds of cases or any other kind of case, please call Ray Arenofsky at 480-345-0444 for a free telephone consultation. After your questions are answered by Ray Arenofsky you will know if the injury matter is worth pursuing.

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