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The Hidden Injury Accident Case

If you or someone you know ever gets injured in an accident, always have a consultation with an injury lawyer. You will learn what your rights are.

A good example of a hidden serious injury case is an automobile accident involving a man who consulted with me 11 months after he was seriously injured. He was injured at work and received workman’s compensation benefit. But the benefits were much smaller due to numerous employees collecting from a limited workman’s compensation fund. However my client really had a very large injury case that demanded further compensation. But he wrongfully believed that his employer’s workman’s compensation benefit was his only limited source of recovery.

Fortunately he consulted me just in time before his secondary remedy ran out due to time limits. Essentially the facts indicated that the man delivering pizza for a large company when his vehicle was struck in the rear while stopped at a red light. He was thus hit by a large commercial truck with a high liability policy and injured seriously with broken bones and damage to internal organs. He was hospitalized for two months and sustained permanent disabilities.

You can be compensated by workman’s compensation as well as from the person that caused the accident. This accident turned out to deliver a large recovery. The injured man needed the secondary recovery to keep his family financially solvent and secure.

You can not handle this type of matter on your own. You need an experienced injury lawyer because there are many bear traps that could eliminate any recovery from the commercial truck company and the client’s employer.

Any person who is hurt in a serious accident should consult with a lawyer. I would be happy to give you a free consultation so you know the full extent of your rights to collect monies.

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