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Things You Can Do to Increase the Value of Your Case

  1. Do not discuss your case with anyone except your lawyer. I have gotten cases where my injured client gave the insurance adjuster and
    insurance lawyer statements that damaged their cases. One example is when my client had serious injuries, and physical limitations, but they made light of their physical limitations and inability to work.
  2. When you go to their own treating doctor, give this doctor all of the injuries you have suffered. It is what is in the medical records that counts, not what you tell your lawyer.
  3. The injured parties have no uninsured or underinsured coverage on themselves. This is very important if you are injured badly. If the defendant has no insurance, and you have no uninsured coverage, you wind up with no insurance to pay for your losses. In most cases, the matter is worth as much as there is insurance. Most people live from paycheck to paycheck, and if you push them to hard they go bankrupt, leaving you with no recovery. Get substantial uninsured coverage.If you are hurt badly in an accident, and the other party only has minimum coverage of $15,000, you better have under insurance in a substantial sum. It is your under insurance that will add on to the defendants skimpy insurance, and get you the recovery you deserve.
  4. Get a very good and experienced lawyer to represent you from day one. In a serious injury case you need this lawyer to protect you, and do all the necessary things to properly build and secure your matter ASAP.

  5. You need a very good lawyer to maximize your recovery by getting medical bills reduced, finding all insurance policies that relate to your case, guard you against any tricks of the insurance company’s lawyer, and/or adjuster, etc.
  6. A case is a matrix of numerous elements of injuries and damages that you suffered because of someone’s negligence. You will not know many of these elements of damage, while a good lawyer will be constantly establishing all the things you have lost or suffered to maximize your recovery.

If you have been or somebody you know has been in a serious accident, please call me so I can spend time with the injured party and answer all your questions. I will also evaluate the case. I would love to help the injured person get the top results, and keep you comfortable through the entire process. Call me at 480-345-0444 for a free consultation.

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