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What Actually Is A Premises Liability Claim?

A premises liability claim arises when someone gets hurt on another person’s property. It could be a person’s house, a place of work, or even a field that is owned by someone. There is usually a dangerous or careless condition on the premises that causes someone to sustain an injury.

For example, if I park my car in the parking lot of a restaurant and trip over a hole in the pavement that I could not see due to poor lighting in that parking lot, then that could lead to a premises liability case. Alternatively, if I am shopping at a store when I slip on something that had been spilled on an aisle, then that could lead to a premises liability case. However, the store’s employees would have had to be aware of the situation and had reasonable time to fix it.

Another example would be if I were to go to a friend’s house and walk from the dining room to the living room, when I got injured due to a step that is much higher than what is normally allowed by zoning codes. That is an event that could lead to a premises liability case.

What Types Of Accidents Or Injuries Would A Premises Liability Include?

There are many types of accidents or injuries that a premises liability case could involve. I could be a guest at a hotel who slips in a bathtub that did not have a proper mat or a railing. I could be dining and there could be a chandelier over my table that falls on me. I could be dining at a restaurant when a waiter spills hot soup on me, causing me to become injured. I could be a guest at a hotel who becomes injured due to a broken step leading to a swimming pool. I might go on vacation and rent a cabin that has a malfunctioning heater that produces carbon monoxide, killing me in my sleep.

Another example would be a sidewalk fall. If I’m walking in front of someone’s house and the sidewalk is cracked very badly and I fall on the sidewalk, then that would be considered a dangerous sidewalk. It would take a little investigation to see if the sidewalk is owned by the city or if it was a private sidewalk. If it were a private sidewalk, then I would be going against the homeowner’s insurance company. If an employer sends me to fix someone’s roof and I become injured due to a dangerous part of that roof owned by the landlords and I was not warned about it, then that could lead to a premises liability case against the owner of the premises with the dangerous roof.

As always, there are many cases when people are invited into homes and get bitten by dogs they were not warned about. Alternatively, the floors in someone’s house may be slippery, causing a guest to fall. If that were to happen, that could lead to a case against the homeowner’s insurance policy. There are numerous kinds of premise liability cases.

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