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What Are the Main Causes of Burn Injuries?

Accidental burns can happen far more quickly than one would suspect, and they can have lasting consequences for victims.

Most accidental burns involve children, and more still are easily preventable.

If you or someone you love is injured due to burns that were preventable if responsible parties had demonstrated basic precautions, you may be eligible for compensation.

Personal injuries, including burns, often result from negligence or misconduct from others. A local burn injury attorney can help you understand your options and the next steps in holding responsible parties accountable.

Electrical Accidents

Whether at work or at home, many people overstep their level of expertise and mishandle electrical components.

Accidental electrocution often results in major burns for the victim and can even lead to death. Employers should be mindful of electrical hazards and insist that only those certified to work on electrical problems be allowed to handle any electricity or wiring issues on site.

At home, parents should make sure that there are no live wires exposed for their children to accidentally harm themselves. For electrical projects, it is important to call an expert for any tasks related to wiring.

Children Playing with Flammable Objects

Children are the most common victims of burn injuries. They may be curious about open flames, live wires, matches, and other flammable materials. Parents and childcare providers should be particularly cautious regarding any flammable materials around the premises.

It is also necessary that adults who own flammable materials store them safely in case children venture onto their property. Accidents involving fires happen in surprising ways unless responsible parties make a conscious effort to keep these materials out of reach of children.

Auto Accidents

An improperly maintained vehicle or a major accident can cause your engine to burst into flames. Check your fluids and be mindful of leaks from under the hood.

If you’re involved in an accident that impacts the engine and gas tank, help any injured person move away from the vehicle, as it may catch on fire at a moment’s notice.

Product Malfunction

Negligence by consumers and manufacturers can cause products to catch fire, or they can become hot enough to scald human skin.

Manufacturers should adhere to federal regulations, as well as include warning labels in an effort to keep customers safe from injury.

However, product users should only use products as directed and within its limitations. Misusing products can cause them to overheat and injure those nearby. In more extreme cases, major fires can break out.

That’s why local fire departments encourage (and sometimes even legally require) public buildings to keep a minimum number of fire extinguishers in plain view. Additionally, property managers should obey regulations regarding fire alarms and sprinkler systems.

Accidents with or Misuse of Chemicals

All chemicals should be handled with care and come with instructions for safe use. Whether at work or at home, cutting corners can lead to chemical burns for yourself and others.

If directed, always use gloves when handling chemicals. In the event of a chemical spill, you should immediately evacuate the area and call the appropriate authorities.

Often, if your skin comes in contact with a strong chemical, the best thing to do is to flush area with water. Burns that are immediately flushed with water usually heal quickly and completely. Failure to take chemicals seriously can lead to severe injuries, including permanent scarring, loss of limbs, loss of eyesight, and even death.

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