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What Characteristics Make Me a Very Good Injury Lawyer

You do not want to get an average injury attorney when you have been badly hurt. You need a top attorney to get you through your mess of an accident.

My personal characteristics will get you top results:

  1. I have been practicing 50 years and have the experience you need.
  2. I personally get on the phone from the start of the case and answer your questions and give you the information that you will need to understand your matter. My sense of compassion allows me to alleviate a lot of false worries that you have been entertaining. Also, if you do not have a case, I will tell you and explain why. I will give you time and patience to help in a situation where there is no legal case but you require relief. I will not dismiss you because you do not have a case; you still have problems that I can help with.
  3. I am a very good talent scout, and after 50 years of practice I have spotted the top resources so we can strengthen your case from Day One.
  4. I am very fortunate that years ago I spotted one of the very best injury law firms that you can feel comfortable with. This firm I associate with usually gets the top one to two percent of results due to a top-notch staff. The staff can give you the comfort you deserve. In effect, you have my firm and the associate firm backing you up.
  5. All of my earnings from my injury cases go to needy charities. Out of your misfortune I will be able to contribute to many good causes.

Please call me for a free consultation: 480-345-0444 (office) or 480-277-1481 (mobile)

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