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What damages can I suffer if I retain a lawyer to represent me after a serious injury

What damages can I suffer if I retain a lawyer to represent me after I have been seriously injured in an accident?

  1. The first thing is to pick a very good and experienced personal injury attorney to represent you. The attorney must be selective in picking his or her cases. Many injury matters are not cases, or they are weak cases. Taking one of these bad cases will be a long futile journey ending in a loss or a recovery that does not match the time and expenses invested in the case.
  2. If your experienced lawyer decides that your serious injury case is worth pursuing, he or she may take time to arrive at that decision. The attorney must consider factors like the amount of insurance available for recovery, testimony of independent witnesses, content of the police report, the extent of injuries caused by the accident, and any pre-existing injuries related to the present injuries. The attorney also must consider if the client will make a good witness. Often cases are accepted by an attorney on the first meeting. Some are rejected or the lawyer may take a month or so to figure out if it’s worthwhile.
  3. You should always be kept up to date on the case. Often cases get better; others may sour. If you have an excellent lawyer you trust, you must follow their advice. They will know when to settle or start a lawsuit. If you ignore the lawyer who knows that an offer is reasonable or it’s time to close a weak case, you will avoid negative consequences. You can always seek a second opinion from another lawyer.

You will be guided if you retain me, reaping the benefits of avoiding negative consequences. In reality it is the lawyer that suffers loss of valuable time and expenses to develop your matter. That’s why your lawyer will explain the weaknesses and strengths of your matter and the most likely consequences. One negative consequence your lawyer will avoid is you having to pay some of the other party’s expenses.

I am confident that if I represent you, you will have no downside. Using all my resources gathered over 50 years of practice, I will strive to get you top results with no negative consequences for you. I will always protect you and seek the very best positive results for you.

If you or someone you know has suffered an accident and has been injured, please call me for a free consultation at 480-345-0444. I can assure you when we are done speaking, you will understand your matter very well—both the good and the bad factors.

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