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What do you do when you caused an accident and hurt someone in the other vehicle?

First, call 9-1-1 and the police. Then:

  1. Tell the police what happened.
  2. Call your insurance agent and report the accident.
  3. Get whatever medical treatment you require so you can heal.
  4. Check to see you have enough insurance for all the injuries you caused in the vehicle you hit.
  5. Make sure a good insurance agent reviews your insurance provisions for any accident you cause in the future.
  6. Call Ray Arenofsky, an injury lawyer for 50 years with numerous resources. Call 480-345-0444. He will review the circumstances of your collision and tell you what to do. The free consultation will allow you to focus on getting better and help you get a clear picture of the problems that arise when you cause an accident.

Ray Arenofsky will relieve you of problems so you can get medical treatment with a clear mind. You will speak to him and not an assistant. So call Ray for any accident you or someone else causes.

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