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What Expenses are Considered During a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

Knowing what your personal injury case is worth involves keeping a careful record of all medical expenses related to your injury. While medical expenses are just one piece of the total value of damages, many of these costs get overlooked.

Working with a local personal injury lawyer will help you keep track of these mounting expenses. If you were injured in an accident where someone else was at fault, you may be eligible for compensation for these medical expenses and more.

If you intend to file a personal injury claim, chances are, either your or the other person’s insurance company has paid some or all of your medical expenses. While this may be the case, those medical expenses still qualify for your compensation should you win your personal injury case.

Doctor Fees

Any doctor that you saw for your injury – from your primary care physician to any specialists – should be included in your medical expenses. Keep in mind that these expenses should be noted in your total amount of damages, regardless of whether or not an insurance company paid the bill.

Treatment Costs

After being seen by a doctor, there is still treatment for your injuries. Any kind of surgery, physical therapy, etc. qualify for compensation in a personal injury case.

Lab Fees

Frequently, doctors and emergency rooms do lab testing to assist them in diagnosing and treating your injuries. Since these lab tests are connected to your injury, they should be included in your medical expenses.

Prescription Costs

All prescribed medication costs also count towards your damages. Once again, you are eligible for compensation for these costs even though an insurance company may have already paid the bill.

Travel Costs

Sometimes patients have to travel to a treatment center. If you had to travel to any appointments or stay overnight at a hotel, make sure to note the mileage and hotel costs.

If you and your spouse had to hire a babysitter in order to be at your appointments, these costs can also be included.

Future Medical Expenses

During a personal injury trial, you may still have upcoming appointments, surgery, or other treatments. These costs should also be included in the total amount of damages associated with your medical expenses.

Other Costs and Damages

In addition to all medical expenses, your damages include lost wages from being unable to work, home care equipment (wheelchair, hospice, etc.), as well as pain and suffering.

Costs that are fairly simple to calculate, such as adding up all your receipts and bills from the accident, are known as economic damages.

Pain and suffering, however, note the level of trauma and pain you experienced as a result of your accident. These are not as straight-forward to calculate and are known as noneconomic damages. 

Typically, pain and suffering are calculated by multiplying the total amount of medical costs by a number (usually between 1-6) depending on the severity of the trauma. These noneconomic costs are added to your economic damages to arrive at your total amount in damages.

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