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What is Comparative Negligence in Arizona?

When you are in a two-automobile accident, either you, or the other driver, or both of you caused the accident.

If you are hit in the rear of your automobile, when stopped at a light, the other party that rear ended you is 100% at fault. You collect 100% of your damages.

If the situation is an accident at signal, controlled intersection and you are 20% at fault and the other driver is 80% at fault you collect 80% of your damages.

In some states, if you are 51% or more at fault you collect nothing. Arizona gives a recovery solely based on each driver’s fault. In Arizona, if you are 51% at fault you still collect 49% of all your injuries.

Figuring out what percentage each party is at fault can be a battle based on witnesses, the police report, expert witnesses reconstruction of how the accident occurred.

It is very important that you get on a case very quickly, so you can gather all the facts to determine what you and the other parties degree of fault is (thus the percentage of your recovery).

If you have been in a serious accident matter, please call me at 480-345-0444 for a free consultation. Based on the facts of the matter, I will have a quick start on the cause of the accident, to get you a top recovery.

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