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What it is like to practice injury law for fifty years and keep going

1. I never tire of helping people that have been in a serious accident. There are so many things I can do for them when they are in severe distress. Even when they caused the auto accident. I can give advice and I can give them help to ease their misery during my free consultation.

2. For many years I have been able to give all my revenue to needy charities, ie. people with leprosy; homeless people and animals; U.S. veterans; starving people and children all over the world; help fight many illnesses like cancer; etc. What my wife and myself do not donate now, the remaining monies will reach all these worthwhile charities through our trusts.

3. Being one of the best injury lawyers in the Phoenix area it never gets boring. Each day gives me an opportunity to help people that have been seriously injured in all kinds of accidents. I know, I not only help the injured person, but also all the people involved in their lives.

4. When I explain the entire legal process, you can feel their instant relief, and the will to get better rises. The injury law knowledge gathered in fifty (50) years is very helpful in seeing people lifted out of the depths of despair. I tell them to forget about court, all probability their case will settle for what they deserve, and we will do 98% of the legal work. Just get better!

5. Obtaining monies for the injured parties solves a lot of medical, financial, living expenses, and family problems.

Please call me, Ray Arenofsky for a free consultation, 480-345-0444 so I, with my associates, employees and resources can simplify your life and get you all the monies you deserve. I will give the whole picture of what to expect.

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