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What Sets You And Your Firm Apart In Handling Wrongful Death Cases?

We are set apart from the rest due to our experience; I have practiced in this field for 50 years and I have seen many wrongful death cases. I am not someone who will be using your case to learn. In having practiced for that many years, I have many resources and experts at my disposal. If there is a question of how the accident happened or who is at fault, I have many experts who can reconstruct the accident. When someone dies, their family members need to be comforted; they don’t need to take a stab at a law firm where their file is going to rot on the floor, or where they won’t be given the proper amount of time and attention. At my firm, there are people who really care about other people and know what it is to lose someone. If a lawyer is not available, my staff members are well-trained to stay on the phone, offer to meet with the person, comfort them and see if there is a need for any psychological help. Also, the attorneys and staff are very sensitive. It’s very sad when firms don’t have the time or the right staff to provide comfort.

We can also be very aggressive when we have to be. If we can get a reasonable settlement with the insurance firm, then it’s settled. If we know the insurance firm is going to be ridiculous, then we will take it through litigation. Neither side really wants to do that, because it’s expensive and very time-consuming. No one would fight over $2,000, but if the offer is for $50,000 when the case is worth $150,000 or $200,000, then we will keep pushing until we finally receive a reasonable offer.

A good settlement is often where both parties are disgusted; the plaintiff feels that they didn’t get enough and the insurance company feels that they paid too much. We are a caring lot, and we are kind of impulsive about doing our cases thoroughly. There are so many aspects that have to be developed in the case. Sometimes attorneys will pull a cake out of the oven before it has even had a chance to bake properly, and sometimes the client has to be a little patient in order to get what they are entitled to.

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Ray Arenofsky - Attorney At Law

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