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What should an injured party really want and need from a lawyer?

Somebody has been in a horrible accident with bad injuries, and the accident was caused by another person. What should the injured party really want and need from the lawyer?

  1. Start by selecting an attorney with vast experience in numerous accident matters and who gets good results.
  2. Select someone with expertise in trial work. This is important because of the possibility that your case may require a trial (approximately 3 percent of injury matters go to trial).
  3. Your lawyer should have a solid reputation with other lawyers and insurance adjusters. He should know what the client suffered and will suffer and what the matter is worth so that he can turn down unreasonable offers to settle.
  4. The injured client needs to feel secure with his or her lawyer and that he has a caring person with the client’s best interests in mind—someone who will return phone calls promptly, keep the client up to date, and has a well-equipped staff that can keep the client comfortable and his needs met. The lawyer should be able to take care of all the legal issues so the client will heal.

Please call me (Ray Arenofsky) at 480-345-0444 so I can answer all your questions about the accident that you or someone you care about has experienced. After 50 years of injury law, I can supply you with the above requirements in addition to many more.

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