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Who is at Fault When You Get into an Accident with a Truck?

Semi-Truck drivers must be among the safest and most vigilant drivers on the road due to the size and weight of their vehicle.

For the most part, commercial drivers are less likely to be involved in a car accident as non-commercial drivers. However, being in a car accident with a truck is often more devastating.

Because of this, Arizona personal injury law does not overlook negligence on the part of commercial and semi-truck drivers and often, the commercial driver is held to a much higher standard than non-commercial drivers.

As a result, any number of factors could easily render the semi-truck driver at fault for a car accident. If you or someone you love was injured or killed in an accident involving a semi-truck, you should consult a car accident attorney right away.

Driver Negligence

It is not enough for a semi-truck driver to drive carefully. They must take into account the size of their vehicle and how it can impact other drivers. Additionally, they must consider how their weight makes it far more difficult to stop at high speeds.

Drivers must also take care of themselves and their trucks.

Arizona has laws that prevent a commercial driver from driving too many hours. Many car accidents involving semi-trucks occurred because the driver had driven too many hours without proper sleep and rest.

It is especially important that semi-truck drivers avoid driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs (including prescription drugs that are known to impair one’s ability to operate a vehicle).

The driver must maintain proper care of their equipment. Forgetting to check brakes and tires or ignoring proper inspections can lead to equipment failure and a fatal car accident.

Equipment Failure

In some auto accident cases involving a commercial vehicle, certain parts failed even though the driver performed all proper maintenance and inspections. When this occurs, the part manufacturer may also be at fault for the accident.

What to Do in the Event of an Accident with a Semi-Truck

While it is important to gather all the evidence you can to prove the other driver’s negligence, there are a few key things that you should do immediately if involved in a car accident with a truck.

  1. Pull over to a safe place, if possible. Never chase the driver (if they have fled the scene) or remain in the middle of a dangerous highway if you have the ability to pull over.
  2. Find out if you or someone else is hurt. Everyone’s well-being is priority in the event of an accident.
  3. Call the police. Any car accident must be reported. It is even more important to report the accident if a semi-truck is involved. This is both for your protection and to further prove negligence of the truck driver.
  4. Call an ambulance, if necessary. If anyone is badly hurt or suspects that they may be hurt, you should call for an ambulance.  
  5. Take pictures of the scene and the damage. Insurance companies need this in order to file your claim. More importantly, your personal injury attorney will need these if you are filing a personal injury case.
  6. Note anything unusual about the semi-truck driver. Do they seem under the influence of a substance? Are they refusing to exchange information or cooperate with the law? Did they flee the scene?

In the event of major car accidents, making everyone’s well-being a priority is the most important thing. With technology and highly-documented route information by hiring companies, it is extremely difficult for at fault truck drivers to get away with negligence.For more information about how a Mesa attorney can help you with your car accident case, contact Ray Arenofsky at 480-345-0444 or visit our website.

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