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Why Do I Need An Attorney For My Premises Liability Claim?

If you’ve sustained only a minor injury, I don’t think that you would want to get a lawyer. This is because the case would end up costing more than the recovery you would receive. Most lawyers won’t take small cases. In a small injury case, I coach a client about what it’s worth, save them the attorney’s fee and get them the small amount of money that the case is worth. On a heavy case- and when I say heavy, I mean that there are broken bones, brain swelling, bad knees, broken ankles, or severe psychiatric problems involved- you’d be a fool not to have a good lawyer.

You can choose the wrong lawyer. You can pick a lawyer from the yellow pages or from Google and end up with the wrong one. You could get one who is too busy, and your case will rot on the floor. If you have the opportunity to get a good, experienced lawyer who has represented many clients on premises liability cases, then you should. You’d be a fool to go against an insurance company that has lawyers who have defended these cases hundreds and hundreds of times. I can almost guarantee that on a heavy case if you are using a good lawyer, you will end up getting way more money than you would have received without a lawyer.

Oftentimes you have to know how to read the building codes in order to prove that the condition was dangerous. What are all of your injuries? Did you miss an injury? Did you need surgery? Did you need a second opinion to find everything? Will you be able to work again? Are you a social security candidate? Is there insurance so that you can collect? Is there any other source of insurance? Does the person who owns the premises have liquid monies? Whatever you receive with a good, honest lawyer, you will have unfortunately earned.

You need an investigator who can find witnesses and obtain statements from them. If you can dig up a few honest, favorable witnesses, that can make the difference between having a case and not having one. You need a lawyer who has good staff; not staff that is overworked and just wants to move on to the next case. A lawyer who has time, help, empathy and sympathy is what you need to look for. Quite frankly, when a lawyer does a good job, they develop a good reputation. If they fight to the end of the case after they get a ridiculous offer, they will get a good reputation. Just the use of their name or their firm inflates the value of your case, as opposed to you trying to do it yourself or getting a mediocre lawyer.

You are going to be deposed, and you have to be prepared for that deposition. If you have to go to trial, you will have to know how to cross-examine and sum up the case to the jury. You have to be likeable; the jury has to care for you and want to help you. A lawyer can polish you up and make you more presentable in terms of the clothing you wear and your behavior in court. There are countless reasons to obtain a lawyer.

If I am lucky enough to represent you, I can almost promise you that you will get top results. You will be protected, you will get comfort when you need it, you can call me on weekends if you have any injuries. We will do 98% of the work and you will be given blinders like a horse so that you can concentrate on just getting better. That’s the kind of law firm we are. Quite frankly, if a sloppy job is done or a person doesn’t collect the monies they unfortunately earned, I have trouble sleeping at night. Seek a lawyer who will give you comfort, get you the top results, take the legal monkeys off your back and get you to the doctors that you need to see.

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