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You Need a Top Experienced Lawyer If You Are In an Accident That Causes Serious Injuries

The reasons?

  1. If you can’t work again, you can’t provide for yourself or your family with just an average recovery.
  2. You need an experienced attorney to negotiate a sizeable settlement.
  3. You need an experienced lawyer who has seen all kinds of cases. Ray Arenofsky has a stockpile of resources to build your case from Day One. Fifty years of experience have helped him accumulate these resources.
  4. You need doctors to get well. While you’re healing, Ray and his staff will do 99 percent of the legal work so you can concentrate on getting well.
  5. You need a lawyer and staff who can give your case the attention it deserves; your questions are answered quickly, and this personal service shields you from involvement in the bulk of the legal process.

Call Ray Arenofsky for a free consultation. He can explain his special process that takes most of the legal responsibility and hassle off your shoulders. Hearing about his special resources will give you comfort and explain why you can expect a top recovery. You will walk away from your free consultation knowing your legal problems will be solved while you get well.

Call Ray Arenofsky at 480-345-0444.

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